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Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM




To satisfy riders seeking the holy grail of off road traction, MOTOZ is proud to introduce the world’s first MX/trials Hybrid Tyre. We refined the trials inspired hybrid carcass, added a Terrapactor inspired motocross thread design and minimized weight, to produce the perfect tire for enduro cross, extreme enduro and technical closed circuit events.

Arena Hybris Tyre features a unique super flexible thread zone that works like a Snail’s Foot to create more traction over technical terrain, artificial and rutted circuits.


  •  Hybrid carcass with reinforced sidewalls

  •  Soft Gummy Compound

  •  Significant weight saving

  •  Hybrid natural/synthetic rubber compound

  •  Lighter

  •  Reversible

  •  NHS

Slavens Racing Review

Our Review

I have now used this tyre in 2 days of Hard Enduro and 2 Days of Trail riding. We covered some of the driest, dusty conditions with big loose rocky up and down hills to the slipperiest, wettest river creek beds and this tyre was awesome in all types of terrain and conditions. To top that, Tyre wear is the best out of all the other gummy hard terrain tyres that I have tried. The Motoz Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM beats them all in grip, traction and wear. Dry Rocky climbs, loose gravel, wet slippery hills or wet slippery creeks, this tyre gives you grip to get through and look like a pro hard enduro rider. This is now my tyre of choice for hard enduro. 



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Last modified: 12/12/21