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We currently do not provide training, this is something that we will look into for the future

Level 3

Designed for the better than average rider that is looking for the edge. A rider that is pushing the limits all day but still wants to go faster. At a level 3 school you would be taught advanced braking and cornering techniques, advanced jumping techniques and how to tackle very hard obstacles such as logs on steep hills.

Level 2

To cater for the rider that is confident and likes to hang it out but finds that when they go out for a day on the trails they always seem to have troubles on logs and hills. At a level 2 school you would be taught cornering, braking, jumping and how to tackle more major obstacles like bigger logs, rocky creeks and steep hills.

Level 1

To cater for beginners and novice riders that have limited skills. Designed to boost your confidence and answer the commonly asked questions about riding so that riding your motor bike is a lot more fun. At a level 1 school you would be taught clutch and brake skills, braking, rider position, cornering, bike set up and how to tackle obstacles that you might come across out on the trails.

Trail and Enduro Riding is our specialty. Our clinics are designed to make your time on a motorbike more enjoyable, boost your confidence and make you a smoother, safer and faster rider.

We host one, two and three day group clinics throughout the year and private coaching is also available. Dates will be posted on our calendar. Just like our tours, we run our training clinics under a grading system
















This clinic is designed for beginner, intermediate or Hard Enduro riders on any brand of bike. We have tailored these courses to create confidence in your riding ability regardless of what level you are at.

This is the perfect way to set the correct techniques in their riding right from the beginning. We will cover all the basic skills such as: throttle control, braking, cornering, body position, railing ruts, small jumps and small logs for the more adventurous. We run through each technique individually and stop between for drinks and snacks so everyone has the energy to make it through the day.


  •  Snacks
  •  Water
  •  Lunch
  •  MA Insurance

Due to limited places available, no refunds will be given for cancellations within 21 days of the clinic.
You will need to complete a rider registration form online with your booking and an indemnity form can be filled out on the day prior to riding.
Once we have received your Rider Registration Form and final payment, confirmation, meeting point and time will be emailed to you.
Preferred payment is via direct deposit.


  • Bike ready to ride
  • All safety gear: helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt and pants, closed in boots.
  • Spare levers to suit your bike
  • Front and rear tube just in case
  • Drum of fuel

It is a condition of this Clinic that all riders are, at a minimum, covered by Ambulance Insurance. If you are injured, Ambulance Helicopters may be the only exit out of the area.

You will need to complete both an indemnity form and a rider registration form and these can be filled out on the day prior to riding.
If you have any questions regarding the tour please donít hesitate to contact me on the mobile number supplied. Alternatively, you can email me at















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Last modified: 14/09/23